Yeah Right NYC started during the sweaty summer of 2015 on the Bowery in New York City. What began as a series of inside jokes amongst friends quickly became the content for the saying in their clothing. More and more friends wanted to share their own funny slogans with the world and started asking for T-shirts, and so Yeah Right NYC was born. Inspired by the stick and poke tattoos style, some of the designs were actually tattooed onto the bodies of Yeah Right founders before making it on to a t-shirt. The popular slogans like "SMALL BOOBIES!" and "NICE BUTT" saw a big success on Instagram and the brand took off from there.

All of the t-shirts are 100% high quality sustainable organic cotton and are hand-stitched in Milan, Italy.
The original Yeah Right embroiderer is the sweet Italian "sciura" (older retired woman in Milano dialect) mother of one of the founders.  She would often complain about boredom in Milan with not much to do. So, she recruited a group of her "sciure" friends to help Yeah Right keep up with increasing demand.
Speaking no english at all, the ladies often don't understand the meaning of the saying they're embroidering which makes for hilarious conversations when we later translate for them :-)